The Official Lulu Bloo Ita Bag

Hi Everyone!

This blog post I’m sharing with all of you today is very special! it’s showcasing the launch of my first ever Ita bag! Being a bag designer has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Over the years I’ve developed and designed several bags, but was never fully ready to take the leap. In an ideal world I would have been able to launch an entire collection. And I’m sure most small business owners can relate to this, sometimes you have to start small and work your way to your goals and dreams. So when I launched Lulu Bloo, and grew my fan base, I knew I needed to add something special to the line. And with the rise of the Ita Bag, I knew that this was the time to finally launch my first hand bag.


As most of you know I’m fashion obsessed! I love to style and wear the cutest outfits (Because I’m the Queen of Cute duh!). And I knew that while there were some very cute and adorable themed Ita Bags out there, I wanted to create a subtle and classic bag that can be worn every day and even to work! So say hello to the Dalita Circle Ita Bag (Pictured Left). It’s an adorable sophisticated Ita Bag that will pair well with any outfit. It’s understated and a classic staple for any wardrobe.

I wanted to do a black bag as my first handbag because you can never go wrong with black! It’s a color that can be worn all year long, and can go from casual to chic in an instant. I also wanted to offer buyers versatility with my first bag. So one of my favorite details is that this bag can be worn two ways!

Every bag comes with some accessories to help you style and wear your bag with ease! Take a peek below of all the adorable details!

All the Goodies

The Ita Bag set includes:

  • Your oh so adorable bag!

  • A charcoal felt circle piecing to place your pins on. This removable piece is perfect, because you can style your pins how you want before you place it in the bag. And the felt fabric won’t leave holes so you can adjust and place more pins on it as you please! I was able to put up to 15 small to medium sized pins on this felt piecing for a preview!

  • A gold shoulder/cross body strap. This chain is long enough and can be worn either as a classic shoulder bag or as a cross body chain. It’s also detachable with lobster clasps. This gives you an opportunity to wear the bag multiple ways!

  • A matching black removable handle. When you don’t want to wear the bag as a shoulder bag or cross body, you can easily remove the chain and add a handbag strap! It gives you a chance to convert your bag into a classic handbag!

  • A black linen dust bag. When you don’t want to wear your bag out, you can store it in the line dust bag for safe keeping. It’s always important to store you bags in a cool dark place so that it can maintain its quality and color. This duster bag is perfect to keep your bag safe from dings, scratches and fading.

  • And last but not least, every bag comes with a free limited edition pin. I’ll be previewing the pin soon, so stay tuned! This pin won’t be available for purchase in the shop and only comes with the purchase of the Ita Bag!


It’s all in the Details!

I also wanted to give everyone a closer look at all the details! Black and gold was the theme here, so there’s tons of chic gold details to the bag. With the shaped zipper pull, the gold chain, D rings and lobster clasps.

You can also take a look at both strap options pictured right!


And the front pvc is oh so soft and durable. And gives a great look at all your pins and badges! And when you want a more classic look, you can leave the felt patch out and wear it as a simple black bag!

The black linen duster is perfect to store your bag. It’s important to remember that bags can fade, get scratches and ding easily. So bag maintenance is key! Use the linen bag to store your Ita Bag in a cool dry place to increase its longevity. The duster easily stores your bag , handle and chain strap. and has adjustable pull straps on either side to close it.


And if you look to the right you’ll be able to take a peek inside at the pocket where the felt circle is inserted into. Please note that I’ll be making one adjustment to the bag during the production phase. I decided to add a velcro tab to the top of the pocket. After you place your felt piecing in there, you’ll be able to velcro it closed so that the felt piecing is secure and that the pocket won’t fall back. It’ll be a great way to store your pins in a secure way! There’s also a small patch pocket on the opposite side of the inside lining. You’ll be able to stash away your credit cards or cash for easy access.

The Perfect Way to Style


This bag is the perfect every day bag! You can style it for a casual weekend out or style it up for a day at the office! I am beyond excited and so hopeful that everyone else will love my bag as much as I do! And my hopes with it, is to bring you more awesome cuteness in the future! So wear it out, have fun and look amazing! And when you do make sure to tag me so I can see how you wear your first official Lulu Bloo bag!


Lulu Bloo