Pantone Color Picking Guide

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Find Your Perfect Shade

Find Your Perfect Shade

This months blog entry is a little bit different than my usual adventures! I thought I’d share another post about pin making and post some of my favorite go to colors in the Pantone Solid Coated book!

It’s always important to ask your factory what Pantone book they’re working with. For the majority of the time, most factories have some version of the Solid Coated Pantone book. Just be aware that they could be using older versions and may not necessarily have newer colors available as reference.

It’s also important to note that because they may have an older Pantone book, there is a good chance that the shading and variation of the color could be slightly off! Over time, books become scratched, worn or even faded by the sunlight. So your color selections will never be an exact match.

Voodoo Devil (Bright Red, Pantone 185 C)

Voodoo Devil (Bright Red, Pantone 185 C)

My favorite Colors

Since I launched Lulu Bloo in 2015, it’s safe to say I’ve selected hundreds of colors over the years. But I’ve come to find that there are a few colors that have been my go to shade. I like to reuse the colors if I can because my factory consistently gives me the correct shade each and every production. It helps minimize coloring issues, and avoid delays with sampling and production.

Bright Red- I have been using Pantone 185 C as my go to red since I first started. It’s the perfect bright shade of red that goes well with anything really.

I usually pair it with shades of blue or teal. Both colors really pop against the bright red. In the picture to the left, you’ll see my oh so adorable Voodoo Devil. Here you can see the red paired with a slightly darker shade of red and the outline is black metal. This shade of bright red pairs perfectly with Black metal or Gold Metal outlines.

Peachy Pink- I literally use these shade of pink for everything! Whether it’s the filling of a cute and cuddly creature’s ears, tongue or in this case Petunia here! This shade of Peachy Pink is perfect! It’s a subtle shade of light pink with a hint of peach to it.

It looks great with gold outlined pins but really stands out against black metal! And is great contrast with bright yellows and teals.

Petunia Pig (Peachy Pink 176 C)

Petunia Pig (Peachy Pink 176 C)

Nude Skin Tone- I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had discussions with other pin makers about the perfect shade of nude skin tone. Most of the time, designers end up selecting a color that has too much yellow. It doesn’t photograph well and the pin itself doesn’t look the best. So for the last few years my go to has been Pantone 475 C. Whether it’s for a person, a pup, a hamster or anything else. This Pantone color is perfect and photographs oh so well!

Like most lighter shades, when it’s paired with black outlines, the color is slightly yellower looking. The outline type of a pin can really effect how a pin looks. For example, this shade of nude will have a creamier look when filled in gold metal.

Teal- Lenny has been one of my favorite teal colored pins I’ve ever done. He’s the perfect shade of mint and teal and really pops when it’s being photographed! I paired him here on a black metal outline with some coral and yellow details.

Lenny (Teal 571 C)

Lenny (Teal 571 C)

571 C is the perfect shade of teal and looks great with gold our black outlines.

The best way to have your colors stay consistent and as true as possible to your Pantone book (if you have on) is to store your book properly when not in use. Sunlight and other things can effect the coloring of your book. It’s important to properly maintain your books so they can be accurate through out the design, sampling and production process.

If you’d like to know more of my go to Pantone favorites, be sure to comment below with your questions! And I’m excited to cover more awesome pin making topics soon!


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